Advertisements with Social Messages

Over 50% of all suicides are commited by senior citizens

Povetry shouldn’t be a life sentence

Watch for cars when wearing headphones

Animals are not clowns

Stop the catastrophe

Don’t buy exotic animal souvenirs

One click could change your life. Belt up

Stop climate change before it changes you

Anorexia is not a model

Support people with eating disorders

An abuser never recognises him as so

Abuse is not a sport

Nature can not be recycled

Silence is painful

Cutting trees, shorten our lives

Seatbelts keep people together

Don’t treat others the way tou don’t want to be treated

80% of child seats are installed incorrectly

They weren’t born to be worn

Forests is life

Pets are not toys

Verbal abuse is also painful

Children of parents whosmoke, get to heaven earlier

by AntiWorldNews 

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  2. The real hunger games: How banks gamble on food prices – and the poor lose out « AntiWorldNews

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