Impressive Facts About China

The speed and size of economic development going in China right now has never happened before. China plays a critical role in the global economy from here out.


China’s economy grew 7 times as fast as America’s over the past decade (316% growth vs. 43%)


China’s GDP per capita is the 91st-lowest in the world, below Bosnia & Herzegovina


85 percent of artificial Christmas trees are made in China. So are 80 percent of toys.


If he spent his ENTIRE YEARLY INCOME on housing, the average Beijing resident could buy 10 square feet of residential property

A square meter of residential property in Beijing costs an average of 26,000 yuan (US$3,800), but the average per capita monthly income is only 2,000 yuan, according to Asia Times.


Chinese consume 50,000 cigarettes every second


America’s fastest “high speed” train goes less than half as fast as the new train between Shanghai and Beijing (150 mph vs 302 mph)


China has 64 million vacant homes, including entire cities that are empty


By 2025, China will build enough skyscrapers to fill TEN New York-sized cities


By 2030, China will add more new city-dwellers than the entire U.S. population.


There are already more Christians in China than Italy.

Due to the extremely rapid expansion of Christianity in China, there are now an estimated 54 million Christians in the country, comprised of about 40 million Protestants and 14 million Catholics.

Italy has just 60 million people in total, of which only 79% are Christian these days. Which means Italy has 47.4 million Christians, a full 12% less than China.


Chinese are almost twice as likely to believe in evolution as Americans.

An impressive 74 percent of Chinese believe in evolution, better than Mexico (69%), Argentina (68%) and Great Britain (68%).

Only Russia (48%), USA (42%), South Africa (41%) and Egypt (25%) remain skeptical about Darwin’s theory.


China executes three times as many people as the rest of the world COMBINED… and uses mobile execution vans for efficiency.

China executes three times as many people as the rest of the world COMBINED… and uses mobile execution vans for efficiency.


Chinese GDP could overtake the U.S. in less than 15 years.

“China’s growth will be underpinned by a rapid expansion in emerging market economies, which will account for about 70% of global GDP growth in the coming decade, Deutsche Bank’s Chief Economist for Greater China, Jun Ma, told an investment conference in Hong Kong,”

“By the early 2020s, China will over[take] the U.S. in terms of GDP, Ma said, noting the forecast is dramatically stepped-up from his views two years earlier.”

Bonus: Chinese GDP could overtake the U.S. in less than 15 years


China consumes 53% of the world’s cement… and 48% of the world’s iron ore… and 47% of the world’s coal… and the majority of just about every major commodity.


There are nearly 500 MILLION CHINESE who live on less than two dollars a day


China has THE WORLD’S LARGEST MILITARY, with 3.5 million active and reserve personnel. By comparison America has under 3 million people.

by AntiWorldNews 

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