From Spear Hunting to Space Travel

Scott Benson’s animated music video for Rendezvous’s head-bobbing track “The Murf” packs the entire evolution of our little species into three and a half minutes. From our first attempts at crushing each other with rocks to future intergalactic exploration, it’s a gorgeous meditation on who we are and where we’re going.

After the band came to him with the song, Benson worked solo for six weeks to create the video. He talks about his inspiration and creative process in an interview below, where you can also see some of his initial sketches side by side with the final images. Each frame is so rich with detail that one misses watching the fast-paced video, it’s worth browsing through the stills at a slower pace.


Scott Benson: The Murf was initially going to be about time, contrasting the ascent of relatively short-lived humans with celestial bodies that appear to be unchanging to the casual observer. But it wasn’t until I began working on it in earnest that it began to take on a life of its own. Over the preceding couple of years I had gone through some rather large shifts in my lifelong belief system. This video ended up being partly about me recalibrating my view of mankind and the universe. I think I needed to work out what I thought of our history and possible future, and also try to make some sort of positive statement about it. By the time I was deep into the video, I realized that it had become something different than I had intended, but at the same time something that I very much needed to make.

by AntiWorldNews 

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