Impressive Facts About India

India is on the way to becoming the world’s fastest growing country by 2014.


In the next three years, up to 25% of the world’s new workers will be Indian

Source: Hindu


42% of the world’s poor live in India.That’s over 450 million people living below the international poverty line of $1.25 a day, according to the World Bank.

Source: World Bank


India’s GDP per capita will quadruple from 2007 to 2020, according to Goldman Sachs.

Source: Goldman Sachs


Property prices in Mumbai and Delhi have more than doubled in the past 18 month.

Source: Reuters


India’s tech capital, Bangalore, has increased its office supply by six times since 2006, and now has more Grade-A offices than Singapore.

Source: Business Standard


Half the world’s outsourced IT services come from India, amounting to a $47 billion dollar industry.

Source: Sourcing Line


India is the world’s second largest importer of arms and has spent $50 billion on defense purchases in the last decade.

Source: India Defence Online


India’s Cherrapnuji is the wettest places on earth, receiving 425 inches of rain every year.

Source: BBC


A bigger movie market than America and Canada combined, India sold 3.2 billion tickets last year.

Source: Bloomberg


The average Indian is nearly 20 years younger than the average Japanese (26 vs 45).Indians are also around ten years younger than rival China, which was limited in growth by its one-child policy.

Source: Bloomberg


In recent decades, 500,000 female births have gone missing each year due to (illegal) sex selection and abortion.

Source: Boston Globe


India has 568 million more registered voters than the US — and a better turnout rate too.

Source: The International

India used to account for 33% of the world’s GDP; then fell to 3%; now may rise to 25%.

India led the world in GDP before the industrial revolution, when population meant productivity, and India had the largest population. Following the industrial revolution, India entered a long period of economic stagnation.

The future outlook comes from Goldman Sachs, which sees India passing the U.S. economy in 2050, trailing only China.

Source: Goldman Sachs

by AntiWorldNews 

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