10 Beautiful and Amazing Phenomena in the Sky

Sky, clouds, and space always displays beautiful views, either from the formation, color and artistic form. Behind that beauty, the nature showing signs of the coming of an event such as disaster, storm or extreme weather. But most of these phenomena are natural phenomenon which are very beautiful and amazing caught by human eye.

10. Belt of Venus

Belt of Venus (Venus belt) is a phenomenon that occurs in Earth’s atmosphere where the sky looks very beautiful and amazing with brownish pink, and there is a border between the visible horizon with the shadow of the earth that looks dark. Belt of Venus can be seen most clearly at the time of sunrise and sunset, when the skies are not cloudy and dusty.

Belt of Venus, a phenomenon which is very beautiful and amazing.

9. Moonbows

Moonbows is the emergence of the rainbow light generated from the lunar surface. Rainbow usually appears after a day of rain and the sun shine brightly, that the moment rainbow will appear. The beautiful and amazing moonbows comes from the moon. Moonbows seem relatively subtle and not as bright as the rainbow, as we all know, the light of the moon is not as bright as sunlight. Moonbows phenomenon has been seen in the waterfalls of Yosemite National Park, USA.

Moonbows, phenomenon is very beautiful and amazing  which moonlight  produces a rainbow.

8. Halo

Halo is a phenomenon that occurs on the sky during the daytime. At that time, the sun is surrounded by a very large circle of the rainbow. Many cited as ringed sun. Scientifically this event happened in the Earth’s atmosphere. The cloud covering both the sun and moon. It often occurs during the rain out when the sky was still cloudy and the sun shone. Halo has Nothing to do with the incident, or a sign of impending disaster or any mystery. Halo phenomenon occurs in the sky of Yogyakarta on January 4, 2011 at 11:30 pm and lasted about 30 minutes

 Hello, ringed sun phenomenon is very beautiful and amazing.

7. Sun Dog

Sun Dog is a phenomenon where the sun looks like have a shadow on both sides or often called solar twins. The beautiful and amazing Sun Dog is an optical illusion that occurs in the atmosphere. When the sunshine penetrate collection of hexagonal ice crystals plates that are arranged horizontally, resulting in the light of the sun to turned 22 degrees. Sun Dog can be seen when position of the horizon is low or at the sunset or sunrise, as happened in Fargo, North Dakota.

 Sun Dog, also called solar twins are beautiful and amazing phenomenon.

6. Fire rainbow

Fire rainbow (the rainbow of fire) is very beautiful and amazing phenomenon that happening in the sky. Fire rainbow occur in cirrus clouds and usually as high as 20,000 feet in the sky containing ice crystals when the sun was right in the position of 58 degrees. Fire rainbow occurred in 2006 in the sky of northern Idaho near the Washington DC border.

 Fire rainbow, a phenomenon which is very beautiful and wonderful is happening in the sky.

5. Light pilars

Light pilars (pillar of light) is a result of optical illusion that occurred in the sky. Almostsimilar to a mirage, this visual phenomenon occurs when the reflection of a light (can be from the sun, moon or street lights) reflected by ice crystals that form parallel horizontal light which then visible to the human eye. This beautiful and amazing Phenomena is frequently seen, for example before sunset in Tucson (Arizona), and pillar of light at Lake Lucerne (Wisconsin).

Light pilars, the beautiful optical illusion occurs in the sky, like a mirage.

4. Supermoon

Supermoon is a a phenomenon in which the full moon appear larger than usual, and just happened at the March 19, 2011. Supermoon shows a state where position of the moon’s orbit is the closest to earth or also called perigee (looks 12% bigger than usual). At that time the moon to earth distance is 356.577 miles, while at the a typical day is 384.403 and this happened within the last 18 years. Supermoon can be seen clearly in almost all parts of Indonesia. Supermoon Phenomena often associated with the coming disasters, like earthquakes, which at the March 11, 2011 indeed there was an earthquake has the potential of catastrophic tsunami in Japan. But the theory or this issue can not be justified scientifically.

Supermoon, beautiful and amazing phenomenon where the full moon appear larger.

3. Mammatus cloud

Mammatus cloud is a a phenomenon where the a cloud in the sky shaped like inverted balloons, bubbles, look very soft, smooth and  very beautiful and amazing. Mammatuscloud are formed from various kinds of ice crystals in clouds that stretched hundreds of kilometers. It usually occurs in cumulonimbus clouds, altocumulus, altostratus and cirrusclouds. There are plenty of mammatus cloud formation mechanism. Although the cloud is very beautiful, but need to be aware that the mammatus cloud is a sign of impending extreme weather or a storm is coming. Mammatus cloud ever happened in San Antonio, Texas in 2009.

 Mammatus cloud, the beautiful and fascinating phenomenon in which a cloud shaped like a balloon.

2. Lenticular clouds

Lenticular cloud is a cloud that has a unique shape, beautiful, amazing, great and make some thought that it was a UFO sighting. Lenticular clouds appear in high places such as mountains and around the hills. Lenticular clouds occurs because the air is moving vertically, where the stable moist air flows over a mountain or hill and then came a wave of large-scale wind flow toward the mountain which then “trapped” in the humid air and form a large cloud layers that called lenticular clouds. Various forms of beautiful and stunning lenticular clouds are successfully captured by the camera, one of the most beautiful happened in the top of Mount Fuji in Japan.

Lenticular clouds, a beautiful and fascinating phenomenon in which a cloud shaped like a UFO sighting.

1. Aurora

Aurora is a phenomenon that is very beautiful, amazing and wonderful that occurred at the North Pole and South Pole at night. Even though I have never seen directly (only through television, pictures etc.), but i can imagine how beautiful these aurora. Aurora is a phenomenon of light beam, colorful, with a very beautiful forms that occurred in ionosphere of a planet (in this case the Earth) as a result of the planet’s magnetic field interaction with charged particles emitted by the sun. In the Arctic the phenomenon known as Aurora Borealis and the South Pole known as Aurora Australis. Auroral light sometimes green, red, blue, orange so it looks is very beautiful night sky.

Aurora, a phenomenon which is very beautiful and amazing place in the North Pole and South Pole.

by AntiWorldNews 

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