The circle of 99

Once upon a time it was a king, he was rich, powerful, had a lovely palace, delicious food every day, beautiful wives and he could have whatever he wanted. Despite these, he was unhappy.

This sad king had a very happy servant. The servant was bubbly, smiley and he was always singing happily. The king became inpatient with his happiness and asked the servant to tell him his secret. The servant replied that he didn’t have any secrets. This was just how he felt. Of course the king didn’t believe him and asked his wise consultant to help him solve the mystery of the happy servant.

When the king had explained the story to the wise old man, the old man smiled and replied: “It’s very simple my lord, he is happy because he’s outside of the circle of 99”. The king was really puzzled and the wise man suggested to bring the servant in the circle of 99 and see what will happen. The king was very satisfied with this idea.

It was simple. All the king had to do was to leave on the table of the servant’s house a sac with 99 golden coins with a note on top saying “This money is yours. It’s your prize for being such a good man. Enjoy!” When the servant found the sac couldn’t believe in his eyes. He was over the moon. He was hugging and kissing the sac and laughing and singing and thanking the God for his good fortune. Then he started counting the money. There were 99 golden coins. “There is one missing”, he thought. He searched all around the house for hours, he couldn’t find anything. He was sure then that someone took his one coin and he started swearing and cursing. Then he started thinking how he can gain this golden coin. He thought that after having this last coin he would be really happy and he could enjoy his life ever after. He did some calculations and decided that he needed 13 years in order to make one golden coin. “13 years” he though “is not too much, after that he can be happy for ever!” He sold all his furniture and his clothes and his wife’s clothes. He got a second job, he asked his wife to get a job, he was eating only a piece of bread everyday and he stopped burning wood to keep warm so he was sleeping in a cold room every night with hardly anything to wear and starving. And this is how he entered the circle of 99. He stopped being happy and stopped singing.

Moral: 99 coins are the 100% of our treasure. Nothing is missing, no one stole anything, 100 is not as round as 99 is. It’s just a trap, a carrot they swing in front of us, to make us stupid enough to keep moving tired, unhappy and compromised. A trap so that we never stop to push so that everything remains the same. Things can change only if we become able to enjoy our treasures as they are.

It was not long before the servant was dismissed. It is not at all pleasant to have a servant about the place who is always in a bad mood

from Jorge Bucay’s book:  “Dejame Que Te Cuente”/”Let me tell you a story” 

by AntiWorldNews 

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