Apple: Rise Of The Gadgets (In 1 Graph)

Apple announced the new iPad. Here’s a bit of corporate context.

Apple’s Annual Sales, By Product

Source: Apple’s 10-K , Credit: Lam Vo / NPR

Three years ago, Apple made more money from Macs than from iPhones. The iPad hadn’t been invented yet.

Since then, Mac sales have risen steadily. But sales of the iPhone, and eventually the iPad, exploded. Apple’s crazy revenue growth over the past few years — from $43 billion in 2009 to $108 billion in its last fiscal year — came almost entirely from the iPhone and iPad.

Last year, iPhone sales dwarfed Mac sales. This year, the iPad is on track to outsell the Mac as well.

We may or may not be living in the post-PC era. But the line between mobile devices and PCs is clearly blurring. All the heat is on the mobile device side of the blurry line. And Apple, the company that invented the personal computers as we know it, has become a mobile device company that also makes personal computers.

by AntiWorldNews 

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