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Quit Smoking to Feel Better !

Kids mimic us …

Tiger vs. Dragon: A Demographic Comparison of India and China.

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25 Quotes on Humor

Water, Water, Everywhere, But Not Enough To Waste

These Economies Will Dominate The World In 2050

Why Do Women Still Earn Less Than Men?

The World Is More Complex than It Used to Be.

The best time and place a woman to be alive: America, C.15,000BC

Ethical People More Satisfied With Life

Steve Jobs’s Best Quotes.

The Beginning of the End for Facebook?

Composition of Current Habitable Worlds in the Universe

Study shows materialistic couples have more money and more problems.

11 Unusual Ways Steve Jobs Made Apple The World’s Most Admired Tech Company

Drops of water

Web Surfing Helps at Work, Study Says

Nine Companies That Destroyed Their Largest Competitors.

Comparing India and China

The Bright Side of the Global Economy: The Middle Class Is Growing

Clouds: The Most Useful Metaphor of All Time?

Everyday Objects in Romantic Scenarios

The World at 7 Billion

Best photos of 2011

Everything You Know About Fitness is a Lie

The Brain: 6 Lessons for Handling Stress

Winter landscapes

Men and women differ in how they categorize the world.

Can Men and Women Be Friends?

25 Worst Passwords of 2011

When will the 7 billionth human be born?

Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Time

Shanghai in 1990 and 2010

The truth about social smoking

Why Do So Many People Believe in the Fantasy of Infinite Growth on a Finite Planet?

One of biggest information technology companies in the world to abolish e-mails

Who Killed 3-D?

9/11: beyond words

Top 10: Financial Crises

As Europe Ages, Its Economies Look Vulnerable

Who are the world’s biggest employers?

The big economic picture.

Is Facebook Forever?

4 Misconceptions About the Simple Life

The Myth of Geniuses

Aerial viewing of Greece

Be a Jerk: The Worst Business Lesson from the Steve Jobs Biography

Stunning photos of Aurora

The End Of Big Agriculture: The Future Of Food Is Local And Sustainable.

Kids Think Technology is Fundamentally Human

2021: The New Europe

The Star Sower

Suffering From Facebook Fatigue?

How the Potato Changed the World

Attenberg, Dogtooth and the weird wave of Greek cinema .

The $200 Trillion World: Who Owns All the Wealth?

Europe´s Ideal Employers 2011

Most impressive pictures of the month.

Could Chrome overtake Internet Explorer in the browser wars?

Europe’s debt crisis: Five ways it’s been put to good use

Google’s Lab of Wildest Dreams

Jogging Fights Beer Belly Fat, Better Than Weights.

China’s billionaires double in number

How Much Sleep Do You Really Need?

A New Worry for Soccer Parents: Heading the Ball

Why You Should Have Your Kids Tested for High Cholesterol Levels

Movies of the Mind: Using Brain Scans to See What Others Think

20 predictions for the next 25 years

Revealed – the capitalist network that runs the world

The Sugar Conspiracy

Richard Feynman on beauty and curiosity.

Greeting the dawn is a recipe for success and moral strength.

Twenty Years After Independence, Russia Is in No Mood to Party.

Iceland and Ireland Models Help to Guide Greece’s Path

Arabic is the fastest growing language on Twitter

Twitter-Mining Captures Global Mood Patterns.

How Exercise Benefits the Brain

Excessive internet use linked to depression, research shows

Why You Should Get More Sleep

There’s only one way to change: Slowly, over time

Is this really the end?

The Interview Question You Should Always Expect

The U.K. Riots And The Coming Global Class War

The rise of the new information gatekeepers

An Excellent Visual Comparison of Earthquake Strength

As the dream of economic growth dies, a new plan awaits testing .

The Incredible 3D Street Paintings Of Kurt Wenner

Aging Well Through Exercise

How The CIA Uses Social Media to Track How People Feel

Since when did obedience become the epitome of good parenting?

Trying To Unravel The Mysteries Of Arctic Warming

The Kids Are Not All Right.

Year In Review: Mega Tech Brands Raise Megabuck

India: The World’s Secret Silicon Valley

Internet responsible for 2 per cent of global energy usage

Would You Kill One Person to Save Five?

A Day in the Life of an Always-Connected Worker

Why Economic Models Are Always Wrong

The Generous Marriage

Happiness is a journey

The economics of good looks and the line of beauty.

Is Free Will an Illusion?

IBM’s Five Predictions for the Next Five Years

The Future According To Google Search Results

MITx Could Revolutionize Higher Education

Eight lazy ways to lose weight

The last Kodak moment?

Addicted! Scientists show how internet dependency alters the human brain

How cities, and governments, fall.

Why Our Parents Put Us To Shame

Worth-watching videos

New laws of robotics to be explored at upcoming confab

Midnight Sun , Iceland (Time lapse video)

The Top 10 tech trends for 2012

Best animal photos

From Spear Hunting to Space Travel

‘Quadruple rainbow’ caught on film for the first time

10 Things Job Applicants Should Know

The Elusive Big Idea

A Visual Guide to the War For Web Domination

The Differences Between Left And Right Brain People

Six Social Media Trends for 2012

12 Happiness Habits for Busy People

Chart: The rise and fall of personal computing

Why women have s ex

Best pictures of the month – Jan/12

Fast Food’s Dirty Little Secret: It’s the Middle Class Buying Burgers

Advertisements with Social Messages

If capitalism has failed, how the hell do we pay for our Shreddies?

How Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android Left BlackBerry in the Dust

The Rise of the Megacity

Printing a Home

The Trouble With Trillions

The hot tech gig of 2022: Data scientist

Staggering Facts About The Global Super Rich

Top 10 of Universe for 2011

Delicious Food Landscapes

Hard Times

Mafia Now The Biggest Lender In Italy

Meteora – ‘Suspended in the air’

The key trends in social commerce.

Twenty Common Sense Investing Rules

Who You Are on Facebook Is Probably Pretty Much Who You Are

A Brief History of Friday the 13th

Sixteen Years for Fifteen Seconds: How long should you view a work of art?

Failed doomsday predictions

Kindness Boomerang

How much would Facebook, Google or Twitter lose if they shut down for one day?

Animal eyes

pagan trees winter snow wall ink_bluesky


At which games computers beat humans?

Computers versus Brains

Where Gold Comes From And Where It Goes

The Beauty of Pollination

Why Men Die Young

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